Acquisition Appeals

The easiest measure of acquisition success is Cost Per Acquired Donor, and we drive this metric down for your organization. But our consistent focus on lifetime value is essential to overall program performance. Our models have continuously improved, and new technology will drive further improvement.

The key to performance increases is a better and better understanding of the donor. What causes are they passionate about? What specific kinds of messages resonate with them? Are they more likely to donate during certain periods of the year? Do specific rewards entice them to give? How do each of these characteristics help to predict their future loyalty?

Even without modeling Donor Cultivation appeals, their performance improves. By identifying loyal donors in during the acquisition phase, you build a higher quality donor base.

Donor Cultivation

Having a better donor base is critically important. Solid results can be achieved by using standard RFM selects and an “ask amount” based on previous donations.

But combining the value of that donor base with a modeled select and a recommended ask amount has incredible power that can increase your Lifetime Value Per Donor by 25-40%.

Donors give according to their desire, not just their means. And once you’ve identified loyal supporters, understanding their means, and their level of charitable giving are powerful predictors of future support. Because DonorBureau never rents out your donors’ names, your donors’ mailboxes aren’t inundated with mail, and your results don’t deteriorate.

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