Seeking Out Your Max Donors
Before launching a max gift donor acquisition and retention initiative, you have to find your prospects. This is difficult for many organizations because there isn’t an easily accessible database of max donors. And, just as you have to learn what constitutes a max gift at your organization or campaign, you also have to know who is a max gift donor.
Don’t Assume
When looking for max donors, many assume wealth is the most important flag. Wealth is important, but to determine max giving you cannot start and end with wealth. Wealth is only half of the equation. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning and our expansive
data assets, we are able to create micro-targeted lists for prospecting max donors.
Prospect Intelligently
We have the ability to look at wealth, prospects that have a connection to your mission or work, what are their means of giving, and the likelihood they will give.
District and Geolocation Specific
For the first time you are able to rent or purchase lists that are specific to a confined location.