Tracy Allman Dietz, CEO

Tracy Dietz serves as the CEO of DonorBureau. Formerly, she was Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing at L2 a leading provider of enhanced political data. Dietz grew the relatively small operation into a dominant force in the industry driving both revenue and new product development. During her tenure, Tracy was integral in expanding L2 to a national data provider and was a dominant force behind the development of L2’s online data and analytics platform.

During the 2016 election, Dietz was a fixture at the CBS News Decision Desk doing data analysis throughout the long primary season and on the night of the general election.

Matt Hafer, Founder

Matt Hafer is the co-founder of DonorBureau. Matt’s early career was spent at Capital One, where he learned the value of analytical segmentation and targeting – and the power of the centralized credit bureau model. He was responsible for marketing/mail strategy, credit policy, product design and program analysis. Under his direction, he grew new business from nothing to $350mm in annual originations.

Matt later moved on to Asurion, a private company in the wireless services industry. There he led changes in pricing, underwriting and fraud management for products like mobile device insurance and roadside assistance. After an explosive growth trajectory similar to Capital One, his desire to find a small, entrepreneurial company and a noble mission led him to the CEO role at HSP Direct, a fundraising agency. 

Brian Johnson, Founder

Brian is an analytics professional who has built analytical teams and methods in online retail, digital advertising, risk management, and field sales over the past decade.

Brian began his career as an analyst for Fannie Mae, and later joined comScore, the leader in digital measurement and market intelligence, to help start their Advanced Analytics department. More recently, Brian spent seven years at NewAsurion using data and analytics to improve performance in risk management, pricing, churn reduction, and field sales