Case Study

The Campaign Tech Award

Donorbureau wins Innovation of The Year Award for its proprietary behavioral data modeling solution, Precision Prospecting.

The Precision Prospecting models enjoy a 90% accuracy when predicting a target’s expected response and anticipated donation value. Imagine the power of correctly forecasting 9 out of 10 donor outcomes.   Predictive models, based on machine learning and behavioral analysis, identify who to contact – and who not to contact. They combine information about past behavioral, demographic, and psychographic data.

DonorBureau worked with a high profile national organization and modeled over 16 million records. The first test contained 210,000 records, scoring determine 160k good records and 50,000 as poor. Both cohorts were mailed to validate our Precision Prospecting solution and to demonstrate the model’s potential cost savings.


Thanks to DonorBureau’s modeling and machine learning, combined with artificial intelligence, we were able to eliminate over 50,000 low performing names resulting in an ROI of 128% on the 160,000 mailed, an unparalleled result in the direct mail fundraising industry.

In prospect mailings, campaigns are usually of the “spend money to make money” mentality, but partnering with DonorBureau takes that expense out of the equation. Of the 50,000 bad names tested in this experiment, the ROI was 47% which resulted in a loss of $6900 for this mailing.

To truly understand the magnitude, over the course of 2017, this organization leverage the model we created and applied it to 16,000,000 names. DonorBureau’s analytics and machine learning algorithms ultimately saved them over $750,000.