DonorBureau, LLC – Franklin, TN
Job Description

What You’ll be Working On:

Take dirty, disorganized flat file data from our clients, and transform it into load files to enter into our data warehouse. Responsible for all company wide data quality. Responsible for all company wide reporting.

Forging ahead in designing ETL and reporting solutions encouraging component and code reuse. Helping non-profit organizations derive value from the years of flat files they have sitting on their computer’s file system. Delivering world-class ETL processes via responsive design for many client platforms to scale beyond tens of millions of records per month. Interfacing with the application developers, infrastructure, and leadership to promote best practices to best serve our clients getting their data into our data warehouse.


Who we DO want:

Someone who eats, sleeps, and drinks data. A developer who rolls up their sleeves and figures out the best methods and tools to use to clean up dirty data. A person who is not afraid to try new tools and languages to best load and automate ETL processes.


  • 2+ years development in all of the following languages: Python, .NET, SQL
  • Great intuition and pattern recognition on what “good” data output looks like
  • SQL (MS SQL, MySQL, PostGres)
  • Experience with Google Cloud a plus
  • Experience with Microsoft PowerBI a plus

** You must be willing to commit to becoming an accomplished MS SQL Server programmer **

Who we DON’T want applying:

Someone just looking for a job. Who will punch a clock and give the bare minimum to get a paycheck. Who has no interest in learning and growing.

Pushing the limits of technology is a part of the average work day. That means we expect you to push the envelope on your own skills as well. If you are not passionate about growing your skills to help the fundraising of the organizations we serve, you are not going to fit in.


Work in Your Strengths

Our goal is to help position each team member in a role that plays to their strengths, that sets them up to shine…to win. Know yourself well enough to know what you do well, and just as importantly, what you don’t.